Radio School Feature – February 2017 Edition

Radio School Feature – February 2017 Edition

Radio School Feature is a monthly feature that tells an impact story of how schools in Enugu and Adamawa states are benefitting from this project. This month’s edition shows testimonials from students of Government Girls’ Secondary School Jimeta, Yola Adamawa State.

Government Girls’ Secondary School (GGSS) Jimeta is situated in Yola North Local Government Area Adamawa State. GGSS is one of the schools that have shown full commitment towards ensuring that teachers and students participate effectively in Radio School. The Radio School team visited the school and couldn’t help but notice the flow of commitment from the school principal, the teachers and students towards Radio School. The students were excited to share their experiences with the team.

See what some of them had to say about Radio School.










“The programme has improved my vocabulary. I am learning how to communicate in English. The programme is very interesting. I enjoy listening to Mathematics lessons…”

Usokomo A. Kedewe, GGSS Jimeta










“I love the programme so much. It made me ask my father to purchase a radio for me so that I can listen to the lessons and he did. I enjoy listening to English lessons…”

Salisa Bello, GGSS Jimeta










“I don’t miss any of the lesson on radio. I enjoy it because this the first time we are receiving lessons through the radio…”

Pwaluti Hosea, GGSS Jimeta










“When the programme was introduced, it was strange to me. I didn’t think I will enjoy it but today I find it very interesting. I never miss a lesson. The teachers are also very professional. Everything is delivered in English and it is helping me improve my spoken and written English. I enjoy listening to English lessons…”

Walida Abdullahi, GGSS Jimeta


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