Radio School Feature – May 2017 Edition

Radio School Feature – May 2017 Edition

Radio School Feature is a monthly feature that tells an impact story of how schools in Enugu and Adamawa states are benefitting from this project. This month’s edition shows testimonials from students of Umuchigbo High School, Iji-Nike (UCHS Iji-Nike) Enugu State.

Umuchigbo High School, Iji-Nike is situated in Enugu East Local Government Area Enugu State. Popularly known as UCHS Iji-Nike, it is one of the schools that have shown full commitment towards ensuring that teachers and students participate effectively in Radio School. The Radio School team visited the school and couldn’t help but notice the flow of commitment from the school principal, the teachers and students towards Radio School. Students and teachers in both states when interviewed by the Radio School team were eager to share how they are benefitting from the project.

See what some of them had to say about Radio School.



“Since the inception of the Radio School project, my academic performance has improved. Radio School has helped me in my examinations and assignments. Through Radio School, I have developed interest in Civic education, where I have been taught about voting, election and government as a whole. I am now aware that voting is my civic duty and I can only vote when I am 18years and above. Lastly, I scored 95% in Mathematics last term thanks to Radio School!”  Ochemba Nkasiobi (JSS 2D)


“Through Radio School, I have been empowered to prepare better for my examinations as the project has helped me understand better what was taught in class by my teacher. Radio School has also helped me understand Civic education better and also improved my score in the subject.”  Uwazie Emmanuel (JSS 2C)


“Through the Radio School project, my understanding and grades in Mathematics, Civic education and English has improved. I scored 82% in Civic education last term. I would love Radio School to continue and cover all subjects and classes. God bless you Radio School”. Ochemba Bethel (JSS 2D)


“The Radio School project has helped me to boost my grades in Mathematics from ‘E’ to ‘B’. I would love this program to continue even in other subjects”. Simeon Shekinah (JSS 2C)




“This project has helped my students to excel in English language, because the Radio School broadcasts uses the same curriculum as the school, and this helps the students to internalize the lessons”. Eze Blessing O. – Radio School English Language Teacher

“I have observed that since the inception of Radio School, the performance of my students have improved, and this has shown in their scores and questions asked in class. This project has benefited both the teachers and the students of this school and I would love it if it is also done in other schools.” Agboanike Ngozi – Radio School Basic Science Teacher


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