Listenership Survey Report: The Journey So Far

Listenership Survey Report: The Journey So Far

As an effective approach to measure the effectiveness of the Radio School project being implemented in public schools in Adamawa and Enugu states, the Radio School Listenership survey was conducted employing quantitative and qualitative approaches to administer questionnaires and conduct interviews in households (among parents and guardians) and in schools (among students, teachers, and principals).

The results of the analysis of this survey when compared to the baseline parameters set for the project, indicated an improvement in the learning outcomes of the beneficiaries and a ten percentage point increase of students whose favourite subject is Mathematics as compared to the baseline. This is one of the key performance parameters of the project considering its importance in the future career aspirations of the students.

The results from the analysis of parents/guardians showed a good level of acceptance of the project at household level and the test scores indicated sharp rise in the average scores in the four core subjects with Mathematics recording the highest improvement.

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